Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Why Listen to the Detractors?

It's not easy! Listening to negative comments or criticism about something that you are passionate about, poured your heart and soul into, worked against all of the odds or was required to do with limitations beyond your control can be extremely difficult and unpleasant, so why bother? Check out the reason we should all listen to our detractors:

  • There may be some truth, however negative or hurtful the comment.
  • Others are being influenced, so it's important to acknowledge.
  • They offer a different perspective!
  • They may have necessary expertise, that when prompted, they are willing to share.
  • If you have detractors, that's a good thing! People are paying attention.
Once you have given your critics their moment, know the value of your own work. If you believe in it, invite them to jump aboard and help bring your idea to fruition!

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