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It Does All Begin With a Relationship!

This past week, I had the wonderful opportunity to reconnect with some very dear childhood friends. These fabulous women were celebrating their mother’s 80th birthday. Because we have known one another for over 40 years, we immediately started boasting of our wonderful families and surely lamented about the life’s difficulties--but once we were caught up, we quickly turned our conversation from our families to our chosen professions. Only one of the 6 ladies was a teacher, the others all chose a different path, and I was deeply intrigued about their careers. As I sat and listened to them speak passionately about their craft, I was pleasantly surprised to discover some of life’s lessons that every educator should embrace. My take-aways from those genuine conversations were the following: ·
It does all begin with a relationship. It’s not just a “teacher thing”! My friend, Lori, is a nurse. She passionately talked of the importance of spending a few minutes with her patients to connect an…

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