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Running PD

Running PD
The author Joyce Carol Oates once wrote in a column for the New York Times that “in running the mind flees with the body … in rhythm with our feet and the swinging of our arms.” Most creative people that I have spoken to tell me that their best ideas come to them while exercising or in the shower.  For the record, there is scientific data that supports a robust link of aerobic exercise and cognitive clarity..   Many times I go it alone. I put my headphones on and get going-- and then all of the sudden free thought floods my brain and takes it where it wants to go. It is truly liberating-- and scary at the same time! But then there are those times when I run with my buddy, Jess. Jessica is an amazing teacher, far younger than I, but whose counting? Jess is a passionate educator who has amazing positive energy. After we vented about the annoying things that come with any job, family or friendship, we shift our conversation to improving our pedagogy. I have come to call it our …

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